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Animal Captivity at SeaWorld

            Amongst many theme parks in the United States is one that stands far from any rollercoaster thriller, one that is known for exhilarating entertainment with the use of marine life known as Sea World. Alongside of major theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, Seaworld provides its visitors with an alternate unforgettable experience. Open seven days a week, you'll find enthusiastic employees that passionately love their jobs and are privileged with their working conditions, unfortunately the same cannot be said about the more important group keeping Seaworld's operations running, being their notorious killer whales. Recently addressing the controversy regarding Seaworld's captivity of Orcas, is the award nominated documentary Blackfish, which clearly presents the hidden issues behind many killer whale attacks at Seaworld theme parks, the primary cause being the immoral captivity of animals that are simply too large to adapt to Seaworld's profit driven environment. .
             The first of the few Seaworld's in the United States is locally located in San Diego, California, opened in 1964; the others are located in Orlando, Florida and San Antonio, Texas. People travel from all over the world to come and watch Seaworld's famous shows that highlight human interactions with extraordinary animals of the sea. Considered to be the main attraction of all Sea World is the highly distinguished killer whale, also known as an Orca, named Shamu. Shamu is a one of the first female whales captured by Seaworld, becoming their trademark and an icon to all those who visited this incredible mammal. Once Seaworld's popularity rose so did their demand for Orca's despite troubles that had already rose with Shamu, who was retired after grabbing and refusing to release a trainers leg. Extensively trained personnel employed by Seaworld claim that these animals are truly loving creatures yet the main drive behind many reported incidents between the killer whales and trainers are due to their confined captivity, as signified in the documentary, Blackfish.

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