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Outcomes of the Great Depression

            The Great Depression was a time of profound social and economic change. Since the economy unexpectedly collapsed, many Americans suffered in every possible way. As Herbert Hoover was the nation's president at the time, the country didn't seem to progress due to his fear of unequal power between citizens and the government. Many people would protest, and send anonymous letters to the government explaining their situation and crying for help. Nonetheless, they didn't cooperate. As the election of 1932 arrived, Hoover had to step down his presidency and give Franklin D. Roosevelt the opportunity to face the economic and social conflicts. As he was looked forward to help his residents, he proposed the New Deal. This program's goal was to relief, recovery and reform many struggles the nation faced. Although, many people assumed the New Deal was a waste towards the Great Depression, it helped improve crisis. .
             When he shared at his speech, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," (textbook p, 738) he let citizens know that he had everything under control. It was now his responsibility to help the country's economy. As the days passed things worsen. Roosevelt and experts, also known as Brain Trust, worked on programs that could help the needy. Congress then passed the New Deal, which first goal was to relief. The congress wanted to immediately stop the economy's deterioration. Strategies like the Emergency Banking Act, Federal Emergency Relief Act, Civil Works Administration plus the Civilian Conservation Corps aimed at providing temporary help to suffering and unemployed Americans. Ungratefully, many citizens debated that they needed jobs not charity. .
             Furthermore, FDR kept making progress with his programs fighting the Great Depression. The next step was to recover. His plan was to stimulate the economy. With this intention, submissions like the Tennessee Valley Authority, National Industrial Recovery, and the Works Progress Administration permitted temporary programs to reestablish the flow of the purchaser demand.

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