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Global Security and the United Nations

            Global security is one of the United Nation's main worries, especially in 2013. Currently, Guinea-Bissau is a major concern for the UN's Security Council since a military coup on April 12, 2012 that has affected the electoral process in the nation. A concern they have is the key role international and regional stakeholders play(such as the support needed for the transition roadmap). This situation is just one example of the UN's role in global security. Generally speaking, the UN and its Security Council is facing many problems, has many areas in need of help, and has many actions to be taken to fix those concerns.
             The key issues being faced are severe, but needed to be handled as swiftly as possible. A major problem is impunity in Guinea-Bissau due to assassinations, that date back to even before the coup. Ongoing problems include drug trafficking, human trafficking and organized crime, and are causing danger to civilians. Another serious concern are the reports of violations of basic human rights that involve political and civil rights. All in all, there are many struggles at hand that the Security Council are working on handling. .
             The areas in need of aid in Guinea-Bissau are very clear. The constitutional order in the nation is in desperate need of restoration, defense needs to be reformed, and socioeconomic development needs to be promoted throughout. The rule of law and how others see and obey it, along with human rights needing be protected, are a big concern. One main thing currently being handled is the setup of free and fair elections that follow international standards and guidelines. The lack of working civilian control and regulation over security and defense forces needs to change. These are just a few of the areas needing assistance. .
             The Security Council currently has many options of what to do to solve these problems in Guinea-Bissau. They could establish a Panel of Experts to assist the Sanctions Committee of monitoring implementation.

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