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United Nations

            The United Nations is a valuable organization that is committed to preserving peace through international co-operation and collective security. Since its creation in 1945, the UN has accomplished and decided many affairs through its six subgroups, and mission statement, but never more than in the last few months when its acceptance was sought by the United States before entering into war with Iraq. The UN accomplishes and decides many things through its six subgroups, mission statement, and ways that it handled the US and Iraq crisis. In October of 1945, fifty one countries stood together and formed the United Nations. Its headquarters are in New York City on a plot of land on the East River donated by the Rockefellers. When countries become members of the UN, they are obliged to comply with the rules of the UN Charter. The Charter is composed of three major focus areas that deal with international relations. As a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations, it maintains international peace and security, develops friendly relations among nations in order to cooperate in solving international problems and promotes respect for human rights. With all that power the UN possesses, it is not a world government and does not make laws. But it does resolve international conflicts and formulate policies. All 189 member states have an equal voice. The six main subgroups of the UN are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship, the Secretariat, and the International Court of Justice (wun 1).
             GENERAL ASSEMBLY.
             All of the 189 member states are equally represented in the General Assembly. It can be referred to as a "parliament of nations" (wun 1) which meets to consider the world's most important problems. A two -thirds majority is required for decisions of international peace and security, admitting new members and the UN budget. At its 2001/02 session, the Assembly is considering more than 180 different topics, such as AIDS, conflict in Africa, protection of the environment and consolidation of new democracies (wun 2).

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