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United Nations

             The United Nations has won the Nobel Peace prize more times than any other recipient in history. The efforts put into resolving conflict and keeping peace in the world are historically significant. If not for the efforts of the United Nations, many disputes and disagreements would have led to war. The United Nations has not had unbridled success in the fifty years since its inception, in fact, it has and continues to be criticized for its failures in resolving conflict. The United Nations has had unattainable aspirations put upon it by the world. The procedures that it implements to resolve conflicts cannot be made to work if the parties involved are not willing to work out the conflict. In these cases, coercive force might be necessary to achieve the desired resolution. Military force is the last resort that can be called upon to resolve the conflict, and in many cases is not used, even after it is apparent that a peaceful solution is not possible. .
             In 1919 the League of Nations was created out of two great ends that the powers of the world severely needed to achieve. One was to assure Allied victory in the war, the other was restructuring a broken Western Europe. The ideals of the United Nations evolved from the belief that a liberal, Utopian world could be created. Two main theories developed as to the way peace could be brought about. Before the United Nations could be born, these two ways of beliefs about peace needed to be merged. The idealists believed three things needed to be achieved. The first was disarmed peace instead of armed isolation among the nations. A resolve by all members to deal with conflict and aggression, rather than commit open war, by constructing a system of shared security. Finally, a type of oath or code was needed to bind all the members to the union. The idealist wanted no secret dealing being made. They asserted that openness and trust were the ways to peace.

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