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United Nation

            United Nations, the UN, I"m sure everyone have heard of that before. But what is the United Nations? What do they do? Why was it created? How do they function? Most people have a big familiar picture of the UN as an advocate of the universal values such as equality and tolerance, justice and progress, democracy and peace, harmony among people and nations. And yet, sometimes the United Nations may seem very distant. (Especially in the well-developed world). What the United Nation does may not always be visible. Their work take place in the conflict zones you will probably never visit. According to the speech given by Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations showed that the United Nations worked for the people in many different ways and won seven Nobel peace prizes. He also explained that the United Nation was created because the sense of common humanity, a saving grace. But most importantly, Kofi Annan explained how our day to day life is connected the works done by the United Nations.
             The United Nations consisted of many different agencies and organizations that operate in the United States. The International Civil Aviation Organization is an organization to ensure and establish the global standards for airplane and airport safety. It ensured the performance standards for the employees and it established entertainments for the consumers. But most importantly, it established a common language, English for aviation communications. The property of the in-flight entertainment, movies are ensured by the World Intellectual Property Organization to help protect copyrights of California's major expects. The International Telecommunication Union is an agency that helps to connect national communications infrastructures into global networks. It is to say that the International Telecommunication Union manages the sharing of radio frequencies and satellite orbital positions that allows us to watch news and listen to radios from aboard.

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