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Biography of Louis Armstrong

            The era of the Jazz music genre is linked to the days of slavery in North America, where black slaves maintained their rooted music through love and desire for freedom, would occur over time a phenomenon beyond the music itself that would revolutionize not only the black and white society, but also the whole world and that fact was: the beginning of Jazz in the town of New Orleans, its spread, but above all, the discovery of a charismatic and innovative character that marked a before and after in the history of music called ''the famous trumpeter Louis Armstrong." Furthermore, this American man, as the years passed, marked a large global recognition because he transformed jazz that from its beginnings was a kind of dance music with folk roots, in a commercial art form, laying his career at first, for his high quality as performer, to be later his vocalist condition which had a predominant impact on jazz singing.
              On the other hand, The "Armstrong" phenomenon that we are going to be analyzing step by step, made ​​a huge repercussion for several reasons: not only was known as ''Ambassador Satch'', a cultural ambassador, under the sponsorship of the United States that captivated colossal audiences around the world, but also, the innovative improvisations that he did and the way his compositions were transmitted to others through his acting technique, produced a reputation for serving as a model for artists such as Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and even, harmonically, Louis Armstrong always supported his classic way of playing the instruments as he used to play in his hometown, the fact that allowed its dynamic rhythms and his fantastic vocal sound became popular with the great contribution of ''scat'' (where the voice starts dropping words into conventional syllables, reproducing the nuances of instrumental improvisation).

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