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Kids, Concussions and Football

            To quote the great Vince Lombardi, "Football is not a contact sport, it's a collision sport - dancing is a contact sport." This is a great statement where people do not understand the severity of the game of football and how collision is very different than contact. A contact sport can be defined as a sport with some physical touching, like dancing, where you touch and physically interact and make contact with other members. Now a collision sport can be defined as a sport where the whole purpose of the game is to physically tackle someone as hard as possible, like a football game. These tackles can turn into serious injuries, sometimes life threatening, as there is a member of each team running as hard as they can at each other, one, a runner, trying to get past the other, and the other, a defensive player, trying to tackle the runner to the ground. Football when talking injuries, is in a class among itself, with many players getting hurt every week. The game of football is a very dangerous sport to play, and I think parents should think twice about letting their children play the game as a result of the many injuries that occur during the game.
             Upon watching football on Sunday, I was watching one game alone where there was a stoppage of play five times for injuries. Im no expert, but that seems dangerous. The amount of injuries that occur in a football are very serious, as in just the past three weeks, three high school football players have died on the field during games. One player died after a collision in a game on Long Island. Another from Troy, Alabama died after the same incident occurred. And the third from Raleigh, North Carolina collapsed during pregame warmups and later died at a hospital. Although these incidents occurred across the country, it would still make a parent think twice about letting their child play the game. .
             Former NFL player Bryan Hinkle has his plan for his children.

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