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Swacch-Clean, Bharath-India

            The name itself refers to Swacch-Clean; Bharath-India.
             It is a mission launched by our honorable Prime minister on the eve of Mahatma Gandhiji's birthday as on 02-oct-2014.He has designed this mission to pay a remarkable tribute to our national leader Mahatma Gandhi for his 150th anniversary by the year 2019 and to make Gandhiji's dream come true.
             The Duration of Swacch bharath will be over a period of five years commencing from 02-Oct-2014.
             Our prime minister has taken the collective ideas from the people of India to develop and design this incredible mission.
             Prime Minister Modi also invited in his speech and urged everyone to make swacch bharath campaign a public moment rather than a government mission. The Prime minister has made a clear statement to all the government departments to actively participate in this mission and government offices up to Panchayat level will be involved in this.
             The Mission directorate under the ministry of urban development government of India will provide a set of detailed operational aspects and guidelines from time to time for effective operations, implementation and monitoring of this scheme/mission. Swacch bharath mission aims to create a clean India from each and every part of India including cities and villages. It aims to create high class cleanliness and hygiene for 50 top most Indian tourist spots to make a drastic increase in the economy of Indian tourism.
             Composition of Swacch Bharath: .
             The mission comprises of.
             1. National Mission Director- will be in charge and responsible for all the activities related to this mission.
             2. Program director.
             3. National program director.
             4. Media management.
             5. IT.
             6. Maintenance and Engineering.
             The objectives of this mission is to.
             Create awareness and train the people about hygiene and sanitation in relation to public health.
             Recycling of Solid waste, 100% collection of waste.
             Conversion of unused unhygienic and insanitary toilets to clean flush toilets.

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