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The Food Not Bombs Social Movement

            "Food not Bombs is perhaps the best, single idea to come out of the Anarchist Movement in the last fifty years" (Pfeiffer, 2006: 80). It represents an independent, collective movement which focuses on giving vegan and vegetarian food to various groups of people, under two main circumstances, which will be presented throughout this paper, as well as their methods of fighting against the system through direct social actions for obtaining peace. The first targeted domain is that of poor people who lack government help to survive, the main issue confronted here being that of hunger in the midst of abundance. The second area they focus on is people on strike or protesters, where they support the protesters' cause by providing them with food so that they could stand for their beliefs and not starve while in the process. .
             In order to obtain a clearer image of the theoretical framework of the movement discussed in the present paper, one has to first be familiar with the meaning of a collective movement. Against the common opinion that the two concepts 'collective' and 'movement' cause problems and riots when put together, Della Porta and Diani argue that a collective action is not necessarily synonym with crowds, manias, panics or other such manifestations, but it is rather a "purposeful phenomena" (2006: 11). However, when one is impelled to react to issues such as oppression, frustration or any social crisis, the reaction is most of the times reduced to rebellion and uprisings, which transform the collective action into a conglomeration of individual reactions. Now, these individual reactions are what make the observers shift their attention from the movement's principles to the individual's behavior and associate it with the movement. (Della Porta and Diani, 2006: 12) .
             Food Not Bombs movement, however, have a well-organized system where they collect groceries and other food related products in order to fight against different turnings of events.

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