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US Invasion of Cambodia

             On April 30, 1970 President Nixon made a speech to a national television audience that US troops were invading Cambodia due to Vietnamese help in building up Cambodia's army. Cambodia is the country just west of Vietnam. In the beginning, this invasion had the sole purpose of preventing enemy offensives against South Vietnam. The United States initiated this attack and by July of 1970, the US had extreme success in breaking down the target. Thousands of men, weapons and food were lost. Furthermore, the headquarters of the enemy was forced back hence losing all control of their troops in Vietnam. The person who commented in this text is named Admiral Matthews. The United States was able to destroy bases, supplies, lives and resources, but they were unable to cut off North Vietnamese advancement. The invasion was carried out by US ground troops and air borne planes alike. .
             As the Vietnam War approached and President Nixon started to "Vietnamize" the US people and the troops started to prepare for the war. US Intelligence suggested information received by a source that the North Vietnam army has been supplying aid to Cambodia's army by supplying money, arms and some of their own troops to build it up. The main reason why Cambodia wanted to build up their army was to help and protect enemy troops from entering its neighboring country Vietnam in the upcoming war. The US, during its anti-communist years felt threatened by this. By fearing any future .
             hostility in that area, the US reaction was that President Nixon decided to take force and invade Cambodia to try and stop this potential threat. The US believed that if they were able bomb Cambodia and Vietnam, it would make the go into submission. This was the beginning or the spark to the Vietnam War. Some damages were inflicted on the Cambodians with loss of troops, food and other supplies. The United States also took a couple of hits.

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