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The New War on Wolves

            Wolves were driven to near extinction by man and need to be brought back. William Gibson wrote an article in the opinion editorial section of the Los Angeles Times. Gibson wrote the article, "The New War on Wolves."" He comes from an educated background where he attended Yale and Cornell. Gibson has studied many environmental conflicts and recently he has started wring on a blog called Howling for Justice. He believes it is important that people save these wolves because they belong in the ecosystem. Wolves were driven to near extinction in the early 1900's. In 1995 the Department of Fish and Game reintroduced the wolves into the wild to try and build them back into the ecosystem that they once thrived in. Wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species act making it possible for hunters in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana to hunt them. Gibson attracts the attention of urban citizens who want to put a stop to the slaughtering of the wolves by using a heartfelt logical appeal.
             Gibson's audience in this article are urban city citizens who want the killing to stop. People who are opposed to Gibson are hunters who think these wolves are "vermin's " that need to be killed. He is arguing towards hunters who believe it is right to kill wolves. He is an environmentalist who's perspective on this is to save wolves. A lot can be told through the style and tone of this article including his perspective on how he uses words like "extermination"" and "killing"" when he refers to how hunters view these animals. In this article Gibson claimed that 154 wolves were killed this fall by hunters. Montana and Wyoming plan to follow Idaho's footsteps to eliminate over 900 wolves in Montana and Wyoming. In stating this he is using a logical appeal to attract the attention of people who want to save the wolves. Gibson is telling his readers that if they don't get involved and state there opinion on how wrong the wolf hunting is, this killing won't be stopped.

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