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Movie Genres

             Everyone has their own movie preference. There are people who love the hard core action and there are some who prefer the slow paced drama. Many people may be turned off by a movie because of the genre it is in. A genre is a categorization of certain types of art based upon their style, form, or content. Genre is a very important component of a film, because it defines which direction the plot line will go and allows you to prepare yourself for that film. Even though video stores use about eight to fifteen genres to categorize their films, there are about five main genres that are big and popular.
             One of the main movie genres is action, which include fast paced films that display the use of human endurance. These films keep the audience awake and excited with their non stop action sequences. They are usually filled with fast paced chases, explosions, fighting, numerous stunts, and special effects. The story line involves good guys versus the bad guys and usually ends with victory for the heroes. Action movies have usually been intended to entertain male audiences from ages 13 to the mid-30's (Dirks, "Action Films" 1). An example of an action film is Die Hard (1988), in which a New York cop named John McClane takes on terrorists who plan to steal millions of dollars from a safe in a corporate building. After many exchanges of gunfire, he defeats the terrorists and saves the hostages in the building (Erickson, "Die Hard" 1). A second example of action is the movie Batman (1989). In this film, the crime fighting Caped Crusader saves Gotham City and the object of his affection, Vicki Vale, from the Joker, whose plan is to destroy Batman and gain control of the city (Erickson, "Batman" 1). .
             The horror genre includes films that take the viewers into a dark world and permit them to be scared of the fearful entity the movie presents. Horror films "invoke our hidden worst fears, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time".

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