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The Booming Sex Tourism Industry

            Traveling is an experience that appeals to people for obvious reasons. There are thousands of reasons people engage in travel. Some people may travel simply for business, to experience a new culture, to enjoy new experiences, or even to find themselves as a person. People who catch the opportunity to travel are split into two separate groups: a traveler or a tourist. A traveler is known to enjoy culture, avoid stereotyping, and enjoy their time in a country. A tourist, on the other hand, may be likely to stereotype travel experiences, judge a culture, visit the highlights of a country, and engage in exotic experiences. Between the two, I want to focus on the tourist. Usually, a tourist is a person who travels for pleasure, and looks for quick ways to find pleasure in their limited time in a specific country. One of the fastest growing activities for tourists to take part in surrounds the idea of sex tourism. Sex tourism is defined as an activity that entails individuals engaging in both national and international travel in order to participate in sexual activity considered to be either illegal, unethical, or a combination of the two in those individuals' respective nations or countries of residence. Sex tourism takes place in hundreds of countries throughout the world, and differentiates based on location ("4 Facts You," 2013). Some people regard sex tourism while traveling as a way of enhancing their travel experience. Attractions for sex tourists can include lower costs for sexual activities in the destination country. Aside from lower costs, tourist travel to countries with easier attitudes to prostitution where sex tourism is either legal or there is indifferent law enforcement, along with access to child sex tourism. Sex tourism is a growing social phenomenon, multi-billion dollar industry, which has the ability to become a booming business worldwide (Bender & Furman, 2004). The purpose of commercial sexual exploration through sex tourism is a business that should be shut down because it fuels forms of human sex trafficking and child sex tourism across the world.

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