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Analysis - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

            From my point of view, one of the good things that I find in this novel is the emotional connections to the character. For instance, love plays a crucial role and it appears from the beginning of the novel by explaining that Harry's ability to survive Voldemort's killing curse is a direct result of his mother's love. So, the readers can notice the enormous power that love has and how important it can be in everyone's life. Also, the importance of friendship is shown in this novel, Harry is able to rely on his close friends when he has to overcome new life challenges and difficult tasks. Furthermore, the novel shows to the readers that every character has their flaws and, of course, makes mistakes and every one of them has its own consequences. So, the characters learn to survive, just like in real life. After explaining these topics, in my opinion, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is a well-argued work and it can be related to significant education issues, including the acquisition of social, moral and cultural values. Another positive point is the inventive world that Rowling has created. Combining the archetype with a vivid imagination and passion for the characters she created a parallel world with magic. In my opinion, this intelligence and imagination have made adult readers enjoy this novel and obviously, see much beyond the interactions of the characters. So, I can say it is a well-crafted book, but, on the other hand, it is easy and fast to read, and I think the prose is quite simple and not really challenging.
             In my own view, I find Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone quite conservative. Rowling gives a huge importance to the traditional family model because from her point of view, a good family is the best foundation within which to grow up and become a good citizen. For instance, the Weasley family are the happiest people in the series; both mother and father love their children and they are teaching them the right values.

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