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The Great Gatsby

             Scott Fitzgerald almost gave his novel the title of "Under the Red, White and Blue". What does this suggest about the deeper themes of this American novel?.
             This alternative title suggests that The Great Gatsby is (although not an obvious) distopian novel, which discusses the problems of the 1920s, the problems of American Dream and all that can be associated with it. I will also examine the obstacles of greed, and immorality, and that of longing for an unachievable goal. In this essay, I will scrutinise the themes of the Great Gatsby and their essential part in the plot, to create the stimulating and provocative comment on society in 1920s America. .
             Within this novel, there are many multiple themes, but the predominate one focuses on the death of the American Dream that had become the main aim for Americans in the 1920s.
             The basis of this dream is that through your own decency and hard work, you can become rich and live a comfortable life. From the beginning of this novel, however, we see the contradiction of this dream, with Nick moving from West to East. Most people at this time moved in the opposite direction, hoping to find new fertile lands for them to lay their seed of ambition and watch it grow into ripe returns, and a harvest that they can live off for the rest of their lives.
             The dealing of Jay Gatsby paraphrases this death, as he has not adhered to the American Dream Guidelines. He has succeeded, though not because of self-decency and honesty; but through deceit and criminal operations. The other argument, however is that Gatsby is the ideal follower and achiever of the American Dream. In an analysis of the character of Jay Gatsby at www.novelguide.com suggests, this is possibly how the author sees the route to achieving the goals of the American Dream:.
             "The idealism evident in Gatsby's constant aspirations helps define what Fitzgerald saw as the basis for the American Character.

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