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Summary of the Theory of Evolution

            After these past few weeks my knowledge on evolution have grown considerably. Everyone in the class was engaged in learning in depth into the topic of evolution. The major pieces of evolution fall under the topics of body structures, fossils, stratigraphy, language and culture. More or less these topics have led scientists into the everyday lives of our distant ancestors, and scientists from all over the world know that they are the only way that can make evolution not only a theory but a fact of life. .
             When scientists compare body structures from early hominids to later hominids, anybody is able to see how they evolved to be more advanced over time. For example Homoerectus had more of a human body structure and their brain size was getting larger. As it said in Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity, Turkana Boy was only eight years old and five foot 3 inches tall. He was huge compared to a modern day human. He had to grown up quickly because he had to hunt animals so he could be a part of the survival of the fittest. Form the same source, The brain endocasts of the later hominids seemed to be more developed. As the brain becomes more advanced and it was improving overtime to be apart of the more fit organism. Also from Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity, Homo erectus was found to have less body hair, like humans for better longer persistence hunting. Early hominids were very skilled hunters but were hairy; therefor got worn out quicker. But Homo erectus had less hair so their sweat would cool them off not wear them out. Anthropometry is one way that a scientist would be able to identify change in body structures. From the same source, Apes began to walk upright; being bipedal which means that they walk on two feet, saved energy when hunting.
             As early as Homo erectus, language and culture was being developed and enhanced. And example of a culture development is; when hominids were making stone tools they would need to think ahead about how they would create a well crafted handaxe that was useful when hunting.

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