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Creationist and Evolutionist World Views

            Still one of the most debated topics in the religious and scientific world is creationism vs evolution. One states that God is the creator of all things making the world and universe as we know it in six days. The other states that man evolved from basic building blocks of life into what we are today. The facts point to evolution and the faith points to creation. But what if they can coexist?.
             The creationism worldview is routed just a couple pages into the bible. Genesis 1-2 explains the creation all of things in the following summary. Day one God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was dark so God had to create light. The creation of light made it so that there could be day and there could be night. Day two God created a dome in the midst of the waters. This dome is what separated the waters from the waters forming a sky. Day three God created land and sea separating the dry from the wet on earth. Dry land was called earth and the waters that were gathered were called seas. God introduced vegetation in the form of plants and trees to the newly created dry land called earth. Day four god created the stars, the moon, and the sun. The sun was to rule over the day and the moon was to rule over the starry night. This created a sense of time with signs, seasons, days, and years. Day five God created swarms of living sea creatures and also created birds to fly and rule the sky. These animals were to be fruitful and multiply filling the seas and the earth. Day six god created the land animals and everything that creeps upon the ground. Finally on the day six God created humankind male and female in his image. They were to fill the earth and rule over it. On day seven God was surly tired and decided to rest. This day became known as the Sabbath.
             The evolution worldview is routed on the facts and evidence we see around us each and every day. It gets its start from one individual Charles Darwin and continues to be explored and built upon by millions of scientist each and every day.

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