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The Bible: Fact or Fiction

            As far back as recorded history has existed, there has been religion. Possibly originated by a government, religion and godly figures may be man's greatest authoritative influence. The Holy Bible is one of the most popular religious guidelines in existence today. First written at the supposed time of Jesus, the Messiah, it has been rewritten and translated many times. Despite the possibility of major changes in its text and meaning, many people all over the world live their lives by the Bible. Some people believe that the Bible should be interpreted as poetry, not prose, but most Christians claim that the Bible's meaning is literal, and not interpretive. However, some instances recorded in the Bible and believed by many Christians are found to be surreal when compared to the facts of their scientific counterparts.
             Christians believe that God is the sole creator of all things and is the only qualified judge of mankind (Becabee (God)). They also believe that God represents all good on earth, and people are supposed to communicate to this God through prayer. Faithful Christians are granted eternal salvation by serving their God during their lifetime. There are many scientists who are "culturally religious" by celebrating religious holidays, but are agnostic or even atheist in their religious beliefs.
             Christian faith includes the belief in Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary. He was raised as a carpenter. Jesus spent most of his life performing miracles and teaching the word of God. Eventually he was betrayed and killed, after which, he was resurrected from the dead and sent to heaven. God's word was spoken through Jesus and through Moses and Noah in early history. Today, people believe that if they properly serve their God they will receive eternal salvation after death, and those who do not will be punished. .
             The accountability of the acts of God recorded in the Bible is highly controversial between those who support science and those who put their faith in an interpretation of a single ancient book.

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