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Are WE Prediciting a Bleak New World

            Its been dubbed as just another high budget sci fi. On the contrary The Matrix could very well teach us something about ourselves, and where we are headed.
             Hundreds of sinister, black towers fill the landscape. Each tower containing thousands of glowing orbs. Each orb containing a single human being, whom is being used as. a power plant!.
             A scene from the highly popular science fiction film, The Matrix? You bet.
             The dismal future for humanity? Lets hope not.
             Technology appears to be growing almost exponentially. What was conceivable only by creative science fiction writer's decades ago is now available in almost any western home. One could go as far as saying that some of these science fiction writers got it right. That they actually predicted technologies that came true.
             So, if we where to listen to our modern science fiction texts, what has the future got install for us? Wonder drugs that cure every disease known to man, or maybe a robot that cleans your room while doing your homework. .
             No, it doesn't look like it, but don't feel disappointed; you"re yet to hear the bad news. It seems that the current science fictions predict, well, the end of humanity, as we know it.
             I say, as we know it, because it's not quite the apocalypse, not quite. It might have already happened, as The Matrix would have you believe.
             Imagine that you are really encased in a gooey orb, in those towers that I mentioned earlier. In the physical world, your real body is generating power for super intelligent robots. Meanwhile, the world that you are in, the magazine that you are reading, the eyes that you are using to read it are all false. A dream world, a virtual reality named the Matrix. It is fed into your mind by a plug, and keeps you from knowing the real truth.
             Yes, you could very well be living in a dream world. If your real eyes where to open, then beyond your gooey orb is a dark world. It is humanity's nightmare, humanity's dystopia.

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