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What is Logic? God or Science

            Who is all mighty? God or science, faith or knowledge, creation or evolution - these are some of the burning questions that a handful of us on earth are still trying to uncover. Before you churn these questions in your mind, I want you to discard all your intuition for a moment, and think logically. The reason why I am asking you to do this is because critical thinking is a skilled work, which doesn't come naturally. It takes practice, training, effort and experience to achieve this state of mind. (Paul 34) For the next few minutes, I want to base your thinking on strong, heavy and careful evaluation of evidence.
             Science has been clashing with biblical stories long time before Charles Darwin, the renowned British naturalist, published his book "On the Origin of Species" in 1859. In 1809 Jean Baptise Lamarck was the first scientist to ignite the flame on this issue by boldly claiming in his essay "Philosphie Zoologique" that evolution occurs among animals over a prolonged period of time. On June 18th, 1858 when Darwin announced his theory of evolution in public, many people disagreed with his ideas, because he indirectly repudiated the Bible story in which the earth and all the creatures, including Adam and Eve, were created in six days, (CQ 754) and the story of the Quran of how Prophet Mohammad was the first man sent by Allah to take care of future world. Darwin's theory of evolution states that natural selection is the outcome of the differences in survival and reproduction among individuals that differ in one or the other way. The species that survives, tends to reproduce, where as the weaker species either become less or extinct. (Cecie 13).
             Patel 2.
             As 18th century progressed, the conflicting thoughts of science and religion resulted into the controversy of existence of God. The two groups confuting over this matter can be easily categorized as "evolutionist" and "creationists". Evolutionists are the individuals who believe in evolution or any other theory rather than a theory based on belief.

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