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Logic, Ethics and Philosophy

            Taking a course in philosophy is like taking a journey to a foreign land. Lets start by defining the word orient. Orient means to so as to face the East, to place in a definite direction to the points of the compass or other fixed or known directions. In the following paragraphs I will discuss the many aspects, the origin of logic, ethics and philosophy along with their meanings.
             The first topic begins with discussing and defining the word philosophy. There are a few definitions and approaches but we"ll concentrate on some of the basics. It states that philosophy is nothing but a bunch of head games. Even misconceptions about philosophy are still conceptions. Philosophies restore to things their weight by seriously taking the problems and paradoxes that have seem to bewilder men and women since the beginning.
             Lightness and weight are two things that exist in our existence. Philosophy is neither identical nor unrelated to its own history. But it does have its own possibilities that are related in its own history. When defining what philosophy means, the meanings are directed towards the future meaning that philosophy deals with the ideas and problems that are related to everyday activity.
             Philosophy is traditionally thought of as a discipline that both discusses and attempts to resolve problems. The problems of philosophy are perceived as weight or heavy problems. They are also extensions of everyday problems. For example a religious person may question why people suffer as such questioning the existence of God or a person may question his or her friendships and relationships with the people that he or she may deal with on an everyday basis. Neither common sense nor the scientific method can necessarily solve these problems or answer these questions. When asking questions three conditions are crucial. The first one is experience the second involves a certain kind of ignorance about our own experiences and the third one is to know something about our own experiences.

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