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Aspects of Logic in Faith

            Throughout the past few centuries, man has delved into many different ways to define logic, from philosophy to the scientific method. As mankind has struggled to find connections between the physical and spiritual realm, most have come to the conclusion that no such association exist in that one depends on the other. As a general school of thought, logic is devoid of faith and faith must exist without the need of proof, or reason. One may assert that such a correlation would concern the ability of science to prove the existence of what one believes through faith. Faith, though, is connected to logic in that it requires reason for its existence. Pascal discusses the importance of reason and its validity within the human mind. Although he believes the senses cannot be trusted, and that reason is all that can be trusted, Pascal believes that reason must be paired with faith in order to not be flawed. Pascal attempts to understand the world through different ways that he believes are credible and provable beyond the general assumptions of his present day. He especially focuses on the nature of reason and its necessary components. Faith in God, though traditionally known as void of the need of logic, requires the use of reason and cannot exist or function without such understandings. As reason cannot exist alone without the influence of imagination and faith, religion and faith in turn must also be paired with another influence.
             Pascal provides the notion that reason requires the use of faith in order to function well and to not be flawed. Understanding his theories may allow one to understand the dual necessity of reason in the use of faith. Both are intertwined in our understandings because the brain cannot see beyond its own perspectives and its own senses and thoughts. Thus our minds consist of both reason and faith. As our reason is biased because we cannot see beyond our own perspectives, our reasons require faith in order not to be flawed.

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