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man facing southeast

            Reason is the natural instinct of logical compliments reflecting any situation's problems. It is the capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought, also could be known as intelligence. If certain things seem out of order then it would not be logical and hence is not believable. In the film Man Facing Southeast directed by Eliseo Subiela, faith and reason continually perpetuates throughout. A mysterious central character, Rantes, comes to a psychiatric institute claiming to be from another planet assigned for a mission of rescue and research of the human population. A distraught psychiatrist, Julio Denis, is overwhelmingly baffled by the extraordinary abilities of his new patient that he confusingly develops an indistinguishable sense of reason and faith. With the dilemma of rationalizing Rantes" situation to inexplicable instances of supported facts to his story, reasoning throughout the movie expanded much wildly on the brim of reality relating much with faith. Mysterious scenes prove logical reasoning but without notice add opposition to what was portrayed. The film continually contradicts itself logically through many unexplainable events. Many times when reason leads you to a fitting image with a sense of solving this mystery, another question pops up again never ending the possibilities of Rantes" being. A big issue over faith and reason floats around the doctor and the audience. Not even in the end did the viewers know if he was a true extra- terrestrial. Questioning constantly of what the film meant and how certain things are ought to make sense develop the audience with more of an open mind towards new ideas and opinions. Reason may lead us to faith even though there may not be a full understanding of the situation. Faith will undoubtfully support reasoning through much .
             hope. Reason may not need faith. Faith may not need reason. But both agreeably interact complimenting each other developing good sets of thought for the better person.

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