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Should creationism be taught as science in public schools

             There has been an ongoing battle and sharp disagreements between the proponents of evolution and creationism. On one side, we have Darwin's evolution theory which proposes that the universe and life gradually changed over periods of time from less to more complex. This evolution theory is based on scientific evidence and therefore, has been taught in public schools as valid scientific theory. On the other side, creationism, which is also known as "creation science" and intelligent design (ID), believes that the universe and all life were by the Divine Being, and that the theory of evolution goes against what the Bible teaches.
             But, should creationism be taught as science along with evolution in public classrooms It has been contended that creation theory is as scientific as the evolution theory. Thus, providing an alternative theory about the origin of life may have some merit. Furthermore, it is also assumed that if creationism is not given equal time as evolution, it is violation of the philosophy of education. However, this essay will argue that creationism should not be taught as a valid scientific theory in public schools due to a number of legal, educational, and scientific problems. Creationism does not have any scientific value, therefore teaching it will discredit scientific curriculum and also will directly violate the law in some countries. This essay also suggests some recommendations for governments, public schools and their science educators, and also parents, in regard to teaching creationism. .
             TABLE OF CONTENTS.
             ABSTRACT 1.
             TABLE OF CONTENTS . 2.
             1. INTRODUCTION 3.
             2. BACKGROUND INFORMATION . 4.
             2.1. The Origins of Life . 4.
             2.2. The Legal Debates 5.
             3. COUNTER ARGUMENTS . 6.
             3.1. Creationism is Scientific 6.

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