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Teaching Creationism in Public Schools

            Teaching Creationism in Public Schools.
             In "Political Theory and the Teaching of Creationism," Francis Schrag offers a solution to the argument of teaching creationism verses evolution in public schools. The author's central argument is to challenge those who wish to find a basis in contemporary democratic and liberal theory from which to refuse creationism in the curriculum of public schools (Schrag, 2001). In this essay I first plan to provide an analysis of Schrag's essay. The skeleton of his argument is as follows:.
             1. Challenge to Democratic theory against creationism.
             2. Challenge to Liberal theory against creationism.
             3. What role for the truth?.
             Secondly, in this essay I plan to critique of Schrag's first argument his challenge to Democratic theory tracing it to her cited source Democratic Education written by Amy Gutmann.
             Challenge to Democratic Theory.
             In Schrag's first argument, he argues against Amy Gutmann's democratic argument against teaching creationism in public schools. Gutmann (1987) states that teaching creationism as science imposes a sectarian religious view on all children in the guise of science, but teaching Darwinism alone does not constitute the imposition of a sectarian secular view (pg. 103). Schrag (2001) states that this outlook lacks symmetry. .
             Gutmann (1987) also states that although many Americans have reconciled their religious faith and the findings of science, in our religiously diverse society, secular standards of reasoning accommodate greater agreement upon a common education then religious faith, because secular standards are a both fairer and firmer basis for reconciling our differences (pg. 103). Schrag (2001) says that although the majority of Americans somewhat believe Darwinism, and Darwinism rejects creationism, that is not a basis to completely reject creationism as a means to a more peacefully reconcile our differences. .

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