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Evolutionism vs. Creatiionism: which should be taught?

            The issue of whether or not to teach evolution or creationism and how to approach them has been a sensitive subject since the theory of evolution came to be. Many of those who wish to study based on a scientific level are for teaching the ideas of evolution while more religious individuals wish to be taught the ideas that a supreme being created everything that exists. There are those who are nearly indifferent about the subject, and then there are those who wish to be taught both subjects rather than being told to believe one or the other.
             Until a biology teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, by the name of John Scopes, went against the law and began teaching evolution in the early 1920s, the theory of creationism had been taught in our public schools. The illegal actions of Scopes led to a trial that argued whether evolution should be taught in our schools or not. The two lawyers that were arguing their cases were Clarence Darrow, an agnostic evolutionist, and William Jennings Bryan, who was against teaching the theory of evolution. Darrow won the trial and the idea of evolution being taught in public schools began.
             Before the theory of evolution began being taught in public schools, students were being taught the theory of creationism and nothing else. Though, after the theory of evolution was being taught, some schools taught only evolution and no longer the ideas of creationism. This forced a completely different idea into the minds of the students rather than just giving them another idea they could put into consideration of how they wished to believe. Theories were being taught in more of a way that meant to force ideas upon students rather than allowing them to just receive facts and nothing more.
             If both theories were taught in schools without a religious point of view and without being somewhat forced upon by teachers, students would have the option to choose whichever they wish to believe.

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