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             The theory of evolution creates tremendous controversy in today's society. Anything as controversial as the creation/evolution debate is bound to generate a diversity of opinions. Many could argue that the theory of evolution really does apply to the creation of all living beings, including humans. Yet I find this hard to believe. I strongly believe that the theory of evolution should be taken from educational courses because of religious conflict concerning the creation of man, functions of "vestigial organs", and the absence of humans and apes evolving from a single common ancestor today.
             I believe the theory of evolution should be banned from educational courses because of religious conflict. Obviously, since no one really knows for certain what happened that resulted in the creation of man, the answer on how humans were created could only be determined on a personal basis; through religious beliefs and educated guesses. The theory of evolution states that evolving first started with one single celled organism and species slowly progressed into what is now, considered the highest life form. However Christianity, Hebrews, and Judaism all believe in procreation, which is the belief that god made the existence of life. It explains that God created the earth and everything in it in 7 days. It also states that man was created by god the way that man is now. Man was not created from a previous species. Both theory's obviously cannot coexist because they both conflict with one another. Much evidence can be provided against the theory of evolution. But what scientific proof can be offered to eliminate the notion of procreation? Of course, no such proof exists. If it did, Christians, Jews, and Islamic people would have destroyed the concept of God a long time ago and moved on with their evolutionary model. Now, if procreation is false then why would Christianity be the most prominent religion in America, which is the most diverse nation in the world?.

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