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             Evolution .
             The origins of mankind is an extremely controversial issue within today's society. Scientists have a host of different theories pertaining to man's inhabitance of earth. Many disagreements arise between scientists who have different beliefs pertaining to where and how mankind arose. One such argument is the conflict involving the theory of evolution versus the theory of creation. After extensive scientific research, it is apparent that the theory of evolution is correct. Evolution is the theory that life arose by natural processes at an early stage of the earth's history and that complex organisms developed from simpler organisms by a process of slow change. It is the idea that new species rise from older species after thousands of years of gradual chemical, environmental, and genetic change. Evolution can be described as the complex processes by which living organisms originated on earth and have been diversified and modified through sustained changes in form and functionEvolution?. Scientists, looking for an explanation to the origin of man and other organisms created this evolutionism theory, which also presented answers to the many asked questions dealing with similarities between species. Unlike the theory of creation, which states that the complexity of life and different species can only be explained in terms of a supernatural creator or god who placed life on earth, the theory of evolution has a plethora of evidence proving it to be trueCreation?. There are several different types of observations that support the theory of organic evolution as an explanation for the similarities and the differences among species. One such observation is in the geologic record. The geologic record is the rock scheme found within the earth's outer crust. By means of radioactive dating, the ages of rocks in many places on earth have been determined. It is a timetable of the earth's geologic history.

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