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             Conflicts between scientists and nonscientist's beliefs of evolution are nothing new to the scientific community. Scientists spend years solely on the research of evolution theories to provide evidence for evolution. This enables them to present facts and defend evolution as a truth. However, showing clear-cut evidence to a nonscientist that evolution exists still presents a major problem. Nonscientists lack the fundamental knowledge of science. They do not understand the chemical makeup of DNA or how cells are the building blocks for organisms. Nonscientists have a hard time comprehending the continuous subtle changes in DNA that occur over millions of years. These small but consistent changes can have dramatic transforming effects for an entire species. The majority of nonscientists draw from non-scientific sources to conclude where about human origins started.
             Most nonscientists draw from biblical records such as the canonical gospels of Christianity to conclude where our human origins originated. Nonscientists lack the knowledge of science and stick generally with the nave acceptance of religious beliefs. These beliefs conclude that God, in his own image, made humans. These first humans were called Adam and Eve. Now, as some nonscientists are becoming more knowledgeable about evolution, a few are accepting the theory that Adam and Eve could have been very primitive humans. Evolving for millions of years, these humans progressed with modification and became the humans we are today. This belief shares common ground between scientists and nonscientists and tends to be a popular theory. However, many arrogant nonscientists will continue to believe only what has been taught by religions for centuries. .
             Saying that a human evolved from primitive humans is very different than saying that humans evolved from an apelike ancestor. Nonscientists who accept religious beliefs conclude that if a human evolved from an apelike primate, then it is implied that God never created humans at all.

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