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            What is evolution? There are two methods, one religious and one scientific. The religious method states the God created all living things. The scientific method states that a huge explosion entitled the Big Bang Theory is the base for all living things. Evolution is a change in the gene pool of a population over time. A gene is a hereditary unit that can be passed on unaltered for many generations. The gene pool is the set of all genes in a species or population. The father of evolution is said to be Charles Darwin because he was the one who formalized it. .
             In class we did a science lab on the peppered moth, at the time I though it was very simple like all of the labs we do. After doing research I figured out why we did it, it all ties up to theory of evolution. The English moth frequently cited examples of observed evolution. In this moth there are two colors light and dark. The frequency of the dark color moth increased in the years following. By 1898, the 95% of the moths in Manchester, which is in England and other highly industrialized areas were of the dark type. .
             Their frequency was less in rural areas. The moth population changed from mostly light colored moths to mostly dark colored moths. The moths' color was primarily determined by a single gene. The change in frequency of dark colored moths represented a change in the gene pool which also known as evolution. The increase of the dark type was due to natural selection. The late eighteen hundreds was the time of England's industrial revolution. Soot, which are the fine black particles, composed of carbon, produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels which come from factories darkened the birch trees the moths landed on. .
             Against a sooty background, birds could see the lighter colored moths better and ate more of them. The results were more dark moths survived until the reproductive stage of their life and left offspring.

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