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Evolution, Creationism and the Education System

            Creationism is the belief that life, the earth, and the universe are the creation of a supernatural being. "Creationists have long battled against the teaching of evolution in U.S. public schools, and their strategies have evolved in reaction to legal setbacks. Creationists are fond of asserting that evolution is a theory in crisis because they assume that there are only two alternatives: creationism (whether creation science or intelligent design) and evolution. Evidence against evolution is thus evidence for creationism; disproving evolution thus proves creationism"" (Branch, G., & Scott, E. C. 2009). "When creationists don't make headway in the legislatures and courts, they shift their emphasis to the local front. .
             They are stronger there because they have the numbers, are vocal, and have more direct access to those teaching evolution. This is why it should be no surprise to learn that local schools and teachers can come under tremendous pressure. Although schools are not generally giving in and allowing "balanced treatment" for creationism, they are knuckling under to the attacks on the teaching of evolution. Evolution is thus increasingly being regarded as "controversial" subject matter. Teachers find it safer not to teach it. School administrators find it safer not to encourage it. School boards find it safer not to insist upon it. And textbook publishers therefore find it financially prudent not to mention it, or if they do treat it, to play it down"" (Edward's, F. 1994).
             At the heart of evolutionary theory is the basic idea that life has existed for billions of years and has changed over time. Overwhelming evidence supports this fact. Scientists continue to argue about details of evolution. The history of living things is documented through multiple lines of evidence that converge to tell the story of life through time. All available evidence supports the central conclusions of evolutionary theory, that life on Earth has evolved and that species share common ancestors.

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