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Creationism Vs. Evolutionism

            For many decades, the question of how the earth and human beings have arrived is still unanswerable. Creationism and evolutionism have been a major debate for thousands of years. Some believe creationism is what occurred to create the earth, while others believe in evolution. .
             Creationism is known to many as the belief of religious happenings. Creationists believe that something or someone extraordinary created the earth we live on. Many believe that it was a unique act of God, therefore they hold him solely responsible for the creation of the earth and the human beings that were created to live here. .
             Evolutionists on the other hand, understand the world has been created by something extraordinary also. Evolution as my understanding is a means of alterations through time, which occurs slowly. It is known as a "change" that occurs over a lifetime with the help of natural forces being involved. It is strongly understood that God did not create the earth and that natural forces created the earth.
             Now that the understanding of both creationist and evolutionist is understood, I will proceed to explain my beliefs in either or. After understanding both views my main point of view stands with creationism. I was brought up to a very religious family; therefore I read the bible.
             After reviewing the understandings of both individual types I strongly believe that God did create human beings and all other things that were created on this earth.
             As explained in Genesis, the first chapter of the bible, God had created the lightness and darkness. The daytime and nigh time; the land and the waters; the stars and the moon; the creatures of the sea and the creatures of the land, and lastly, God created man. Within my belief, God had created all of this planet and everything on it. .
             However, there is still one question that is unanswered. Where did God come from? Many believe that God did create the earth and all the other things or beings, but how did God become a human being.

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