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Stages of Destruction at Auschwitz

            When the genocide of the Holocaust first started, it was due to the Nazi's organization. Nazis rounded up people by what they believed in, their religion, and by age. When victims were brought to Auschwitz they would be sorted by what they were, such as female, male, Jewish, and more. The organization of the Nazi party was put together very well. The Nazi party was able to cover up their tracks, so to speak. Nazis didn't just have the one camp. They had many camps judging on where they would round up Jews. All of the camps weren't as organised as Auschwitz. Although the Nazi party was very organized group of people, they were the most organized at Auschwitz. The Nazis would go into people's houses so the could collect the Jews, they then would move the Jews out of their houses or into their basements so that Christians and people loyal to Hitler could live in better houses. This led to dehumanization.
             Dehumanization means to take away your label as a human, or to treat them as if they were no longer human. Make the lie big, make it simple, Keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Adolf Hitler advertized Jews as vermin, rats, and even roaches. Nazis would put these posters up everywhere. These posters would put Jews to shame. They would also make people aware of how terrible they were and how Jews were the devil. Nazis treated the Jews with no respect whatsoever, from performing medical tests on them, to stripping them from all of their belongings and killing their babies as soon as they got to the camps. Their rights were stolen from them and given to no one. Nobody stood up for the Jews because everyone was either too scared or was also trained to be anti-Semitic. Once in camps Nazis labeled the people in their camps with different colored triangles that defined who they were to the Nazis, on top of that they were dressed in uncomfortable pajamas.
             The Nazis were on top of everything.

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