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Night by Elie Wiesel: Night

            The title "Night" represents darkness, silence, sadness, and at times also shows death. However Elie Wiesel narrating his personal experience of the holocaust utilises the term to describe the dark fearful event he was subjected to. The word Night symbolizes the destruction,f the loss of faith, and hope The title reflects on evil, horror experienced by young Elie and millions of others. The "Long Night" as explained in the text also is a metaphor for the quest for survival to overcome the pain and suffering of the holocaust.
             There is evil in human beings, it depends how much of it is eliminated by upbringing and conditions of life and lifestyle. In "Night" the reader is confronted by the darkness of horrific evil and brutality that never happened before in history. There are occurrences in Night that may eventuate during day time and yet the influence and reaction is as dark as the darkest nightmare. The reader seas Tzipora and her mother, the young girl carrying big weights on her back, and she already seems being crushed by the brutality of nazism. Another such fateful memory is the death of the Pipel watched by hundreds of prisoners, the killing of such an innocent child invokes in those who witnessed it, loss of hope and loss of faith. As he was struggling "between life and death, dyeing in slow agony", somebody was asking "where is God now?" The desperate answer of "he is hanging here on this gallows: shows that faith was lost for many, for the rest of their lives, and the reader gets the true impression of what " Night" meant when Elie remarks that "that night the soup tasted of corpses"(77). The hopelessness of night stayed with them most of the time.
             Darker than Night is the brutality and evil represented by "the notorious Dr Mengele" he waves Jews to the left and to the right dehumanizing them, those who were given the sign to the left are sentenced to die in the gas chambers, and the survivors will live with the sight of little faces of children burning.

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