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Themes of Night by Elie Wiesel

            The book, "Night," by Elie Wiesel, has themes that people can relate to and can teach readers many things. Not only can the book teach people about the holocaust and the German Nazis, the book can also teach them about life lessons like struggling in life, the importance of family, etc. Three main themes that the book talks about is man's inhumanity toward others, the importance of father and son relationship, and Elie's struggle to maintain faith. One prevalent theme in Night is man's inhumanity towards others. The first example of inhumanity in the novel is when Moshe the Beadle witnesses horrible atrocities when he and the other foreign Jews were expelled from the town, Sighet. The soldiers forced the Jews to dig their own graves, and they were shot and killed. Miraculously, Moshe was able to escape, so he returned to Sighet to warn the others. Moshe explains, "Babies were thrown into the air, and the machine gunners used them as targets"" (Wiesel 4). Wiesel probably included this event in his novel to create a vivid image for the readers to fully understand how cruel the Nazis were, even to innocent babies. Unfortunately, the townspeople did not believe Moshe's story because it was unthinkable to commit such heinous crimes against humanity. This is before the Jews of Sighet knew what lie ahead. In addition, when Elie's father was asking for water, an officer was telling him to shut up but he didn't hear him. So, the officer came and dealt him on the head, "The officer came up to him and shouted at him to be quiet. But my father did not hear him. He went on calling me. The officer dealt him a violent blow on the head with a truncheon" "(Wiesel 105). This shows inhumanity because its monstrous to hit somebody on the head when he or she is really weak and just wants some water. What is even more sad is that Elie's father's skull was cracked.
             Another theme in Night was the importance of father and son relationship.

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