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             Shlomo Wiesel, was born in Sighet, .
             He had two older sisters, Hilda and Beatrice .
             Wiesel and a younger sister, Tzipora Wiesel. Elie spoke many languages including .
             Hungarian, Romanian, German and he grew up speaking Yiddish. .
             When World War II had just started, Elie was not really affected by it. In 1944, .
             when Elie was fifteen years old, him, his parents and younger sister were taken to .
             Auschwitz. There him and his father were separated from his mother and small sister. .
             Within a year his father and him had been moved to several different concentration .
             camps such as Buna, Gleiwitz, Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He tried his best to stay with .
             his father every time they were moved. His father and him watched out for each other, .
             till his father's death in 1945. The United States Third Army finally freed Elie Wiesel .
             and the other survivors on April 1945. Once the war had ended, Elie found out that both .
             his mother and sister had died in the gas chambers. His two older sisters had survived. .
             He spends a few years in an orphanage, and then in 1948 he began to write for the .
             newspaper L" Arche. Even though Elie experienced a lot he promised to never write .
             about anything he had gone through. This changed in 1955 when he met French Catholic .
             novelist, Francois Mauriac. After meeting with him he wrote "And the World Remained .
             Silent" a 900-page novel that later became compressed to a 127-page novel named "La .
             Nuit" (Night).
             Elie Wiesel has written many novels, most of them related to the Holocaust. He .
             gets a lot of support from his wife. .
             Does anyone have the right to kill other human beings just because they are from .
             a different religion? Apparently Hitler felt he did, he send his men to take every Jew, .
             make them suffer till they died and overworked the strong ones until they died.
             The setting of the novel starts in 1941 in Sighet, Transylvania. Young Elie is wants to .
             learn Talmud and the Cabbala.

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