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Overcoming Autism

            The greatest contribution that my family, community, and school have made in my life is helping me to overcome autism. The first time I found out that I was diagnosed with autism was when I found a medical document in my parent's cabinet that said I had it. It somewhat explained why at a young age I cried for no reason, threw tantrums, got in fights, and didn't communicate properly. .
             How I transitioned from being "disabled" to being "normal" is something I want to share. Until the 6th grade, I was placed in Special Education class because I didn't possess the abilities or personality of a "normal" child. I made friends who were like me and had teachers and para-educators who carefully watched over my development. I didn't want to leave the Special Education atmosphere when the time came after my grades and social skills improved. I wasn't prepared for "normal" school. The teachers were less attentive, the classrooms were huge, the kids were tougher, and most of all, everyone performed better than me. Becoming more confident became my goal. I didn't perform as well as the others in most subjects, but my memorization skills allowed me to perform outstandingly well in spelling and math which gave me a boost of confidence. By the 8th grade, I became more outspoken and independent and I received special distinction in algebra. Although I still struggled with some self-confidence issues because others still made fun of my social skills and body frame, I did not let this deter me from moving forward in my life. .
             By the time I arrived to high school, I reflected on the journey from the days of Special Education class. I had my parents who loved me, the teachers who believed in me, and the friends who stood by me. I felt that as a result, I could progress in high school and hopefully, one day, attend college. These people supported me regardless of what I looked like or how I acted.

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