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Autism and I Am Sam

            One never knows what it is like being a person with mental disabilities or intellectual disability. I also know that people out here today treat people with disabilities different. I know from personal experience that people with learning disabilities are treated different. I have worked with people with mental disorders for the last five years. I have had people come up to me and thank me for the job that I do, or I have had people ask me if I am crazy for doing the job that I do. Then you overhear the whispers of people saying" Thank GOD that is not my child". It breaks my heart to hear people talk like that. With that being said I chose to do my paper on the movie I AM SAM. I chose this movie because this is a wonderful movie that represents mental retardation or intellectual disability and a couple other things that I will mention later. .
             Mental retardation means significantly sub average intellectual functioning paired with deficits in adaptive function such as self-care or occupational activities, appearing before age 18[ CITATION VMa l 1033 ]. Now mental retardation is being referred to as intellectual disability or developmental delayed because the word mentally retarded is hurtful[ CITATION CSi08 l 1033 ]. An individual is considered to have mental retardation if IQ is below 70-75. Mental retardation affects 6.2 million to 7.5 million people in America. It is ten times more common then cerebral palsy.[ CITATION The l 1033 ] Mental retardation is caused by abnormal genes or from other disorders of genes caused during pregnancy by infection[ CITATION The l 1033 ]. There are three classification of mental retardation. The first one is Mild retardation. In this class the individual who's IQ score is in the range of 50-70. They are also capable of living and working independently, and capable of learning basic academic subjects[ CITATION VMa l 1033 ]. Then there is Moderate retardation.

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