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The Issue of Obesity

            Obesity has been a trending topic throughout the past few decades, and just recently it has been declared a disease. Many people have different views on the topic of obesity, which lead to some writing articles, one being Roberta Seid, she with Slenderness." In 1994 she was a lecturer at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles for the Program for the Study of Women and Men in Society. Seid asks, why and how have they come to behave as though the shape of their lives depends on the shape of their bodies? Her article answers this question with examples and details to strength her claim. Throughout the article it is noticed that many Americans are not pleased with their self-image, which leads them to dieting and this can cause harm to one physically and mentally. Another woman, Mary Ray Worley, wrote the article called, "Fat and Happy: In defense of Fat Acceptance". She mentions that many of us have never considered that there might be an alternative to being displeased with the way one has been living their life. Worley's article talks about the alternative. She went to a fat convention and discovered that the convention was like a different planet, which she did not want to leave. Worley discusses her time and the fat convention and the alternative in order to live a happier life. Worley makes a valid claim on the thoughts of being fat and happy, while Seid's views on dieting can be detrimental to one's health, causing dieting to be a major challenge.
             Mary Worley in her article "Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance," argues that it is acceptable for fat people to be comfortable in and happy with their bodies. Worley attended a NAAFA convention and was given a culture shock. When she arrived to the convention she saw oversized women wearing gorgeous clothing and walking around confidently in their body. There were many guest speakers at NAAFA, but the one that hit home for Worley was Dr.

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