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             ASSO, The Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, whose goal is "Working to improve the understanding and management of overweight and obesity in the Australasian region-, has been effective in promoting discussion on the need for improved obesity management and prevention strategies based on evidence of benefit.
             In 1995 ASSO produced a document named "Healthy Weight Australia: A National Obesity Strategy" which started discussiong on creating a national obesity policy.
             ASSO has taken a leading role in the development of further obesity prevention and management strategies through its work with the National Obesity Prevention Group and by organising joint initiatives with government departments and other health organisations.
             Emotional and Physical Impacts.
             Society impacts to a great extent on our emotions and the way we see ourselves. Our social counsciousness effects our emotions and obesity is a great contributer to many social and emotional issues. There is great emphasis placed upon one's physical appearance and immense pressure to be "thin-. This can create self-esteem problems which in turn can create an anti-social person, affecting the person's family and friends as well. Not only can obesity effect our social relations, but studies conducted in the UK showed that obese people, especially women, are often discriminated against in the course of finding employment. This may be due to the subconcious perception that overweight people are weak. A US survey carried out amongst executives in 1974 showed that only 9% of those with a high income were overweight compared with 39% of those on lower incomes. Obese people are also discriminated against in education, as recent studies have shown that obese female students are around 65% less likely to get into their college of choice then their thinner counterparts, even if they share the same grades. .
             The physical impacts of obesity are numerous.

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