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            Obesity is a major problem to many Americans as well as many people around the world. "Obesity is a complex, multi-factorial chronic disease involving environmental (social and cultural), genetic, physiologic, metabolic, behavioral, and psychological components" (American Obesity Association). Obesity is the cause of many diseases and psychological problems. There are many causes of overeating. The young to the old are susceptible to obesity. Being excessive overweight can cause many problems to adolescence and to people who are considered senior adults. Many treatments are available to those who are suffering from excessive weight. Obesity is a disease that has some very harmful side effects, but in most cases can be brought to a minimum. .
             Obesity is widespread among Americans. About a third of the adult population of the United States is obese. This is right at 60 million people being obese. The total amount that is overweight or obese is an astonishing 64.5 percent (American Obesity Association). Like other eating disorders overeating and obesity come from psychological, biological, and sociological factors. Doctors have even said that obesity might be a result from a resistance or a diminishing production of the hormone leptin (Kirkpatrick and Caldwell, 60). Many times overeating is the result of loneliness or stress (Arenson, 19). "Eating disorders arise when you learn to apply comforting activities involving food as solutions to life's problems, just as you apply a Band-Aid to a cut" (Arenson, 21). In many studies it was proven that loneliness and low self esteem can cause overeating. Some cases of overeating come from the reaction to being raised in a broken home. Some turn to food because they have a fear of not being accepted and are afraid of being rejected (Arenson, 33). Obesity has been linked to personal trauma, factors relating to the environment, and even to genes (Mayer, 59).

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