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Mysterious Puck - A Midsummer Night's Dream

            The protagonist is the main character.Society rarely poses the question of who exactly the protagonist is. A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of the stories where there are a lot of characters and is hard to recognize who the main character is. Investigation has shown that Puck, Oberon's jester, is considered as the protagonist, this is because the story depicts his every moves in most of the scene and he causes most of the problems in the play. Starting off, Puck is one character among many, but the plot often focuses on him. Throughout the play, he is considered the main character since he completes Oberon's errands and can travel between both fairy and human world. The point of view told from the play follows his every movement not because they are forced into Puck's lines, it generates a question, how he performs Oberon's errands. In the story, Puck was greeted by a fairy servant of Titania "Unless I'm mistaken, you're that mischievous and naughty spirit named Robin Goodfellow" (2.1.18-20). The quote is important since it tells the character traits of Puck, There will be a better understanding when the story progresses as he plays a prank on the actor Nick Bottom. Main characters often have to be in most of the story. Puck interferes through all the stories in the play which include the Actors, the Royal Fairies, and the four Athenian Lovers. There are several points that proves he is in both worlds, two examples were: "I'll be an auditor an actor perhaps if I see cause" (3.1.72-73) and "Through the forest have you gone, but Athenian found I none" (3.1.67-68). It proves how he thinks and reacts to the reader, it also shows how involved he is in the plot more than the other characters as he passes through worlds, Oberon is able to do it, but the story shows Puck passing along the worlds most of the time. Puck is a candidate for protagonist because it follows his point of view as he travels through both human and fairy world, and follow Oberon's orders.

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