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A midsummer nights dream

            In the comic play of A Midsummer Night's Dream, there were many elements of fantasy and confusion. The play was creatively written, and the spells as well as the fairies made it interesting at all times.
             In Shakespeare's plays he develops many patterns. One of his patterns was the different relationships between the lovers in the play. At first Hermia is in love with Lysander and he loves her as well, however Demetrius also loved Hermia and that its who her father wants her to marry. Yet to make the situation even more complicated, Helena loves Demetrius but she repulses him.
             But the love affairs are changed when they all flee to the woods, and they have their fates in the hands of the fairies. Oberon wanted Puck to cast the magical love flower into the eyes of his wife, Titania, and Demetrius so that he return Helena's passion for him. So Puck puts it on the eyes of Titania and she falls madly in love w/ Bottom, who had been turned into an ass head. However, Puck is not always so clever, because he placed the love flowers magical spell on Lysander instead of Demetrius. So now both men love Helena and Hermia does not know what to do with herself. .
             When Oberon is done with his fun and realizes Puck's mistake, he and Puck correct them. Lysander once again loves his fair Hermia, and Helena is loved by Demetrius. Also Titania is awaked from her trance, and loves Oberon once more.
             Another pattern that reoccurs throughout the whole play is the time of day or night. Most of the play is at night. I believe Shakespeare does this to create a playful and mysterious world away from the formal setting of Athens. The setting of the night is also when all the spells take place, in the characters sleep. The transformations a heart and any change happens at night. The night fabricates the world of illusion within the walls of the forest. .
             But the day is of importance as well. This is when all the spells and mischief are recognized.

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