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A midsummer nights dream

             "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
             Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer night's dream", presents us with a complex and.
             twisting plot, which is fairytale like and magical. .
             There are four distinct groups of characters in the play.
             Eachgroup has it's own strand but the stories are constantly been interwoven untill.
             they all come together in the final act.
             The first group of characters are the "Athenian court." Theseus , the Duke of Athens.
             and Hippolyta, his fiancee.
             They are like the Royal family and speak very elegantly which is meant to create a.
             contrast to the mechanicals.
             Egeus, Hermia's father is loosely connected to theses characters, and tries to use his.
             authority to force his daughter Hermia into marrying Demetrius he fathers choice,.
             when she infact loves Lysander. .
             The four main characters are the young lovers: Demetrius, Lyasander, Hermia and.
             The four "star crossed lovers", are tormented by the mischief of a fairy called Puck.
             Puck also known as Robin Goodfellow, is a cheeky, conniving fairy and is an.
             acquaintance to the fairy king, Oberon. .
             Titiana is the fairy queen and she and Oberon have an argument, resulting in.
             meddling with the mortal world. This is illustrated in Titiana's soliloquy, beginning.
             the weathers turning upside down.
             "As in revenge, have sucked up from the sea .
             contagious fogs: which falling in land,.
             Hath every pelting river made so proud,.
             That they have overborne their continents." .
             This quote implies that the fairy king and queens emotions are shown in the mortal.
             world as different types of weather. This specific quote explains that the mortal.
             world is been flooded.
             Finally there are the "Mechanicals", six Athenian men. Peter Quince, Bottom,.
             Francis Flute, Robin Starveling, Snout and Snug.
             They decide to rehearse a play to perform at Theseus" and Hippolyta's wedding.

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