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Corporate Culture of Hennes and Mauritz (H&M)

             In this report we will present the Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) Corporation, which is an international retail-clothing company established in Sweden. The aim of the report is to show the corporate company's culture and their core meaning, as well as how the culture of H&M affects company performance. In addition, conclusion and decisions will be provided in order to evaluate the effect of corporate culture and business etiquette, internal and external positions of the company in the market. .
             II. The Company.
             As one of the largest multinational retailers, H&M possesses more than 3,000 stores in 53 countries around the world, where nearly 116,000 employees work. Actually, H&M occupies the second position in global clothing retailing ranking, just behind the INDITEX group. In 2013, company opened 356 stores worldwide. The corporation specializes on trendy and fashion clothes for women, men, teenagers and kids at affordable prices. .
             Apart from the H&M brand, group also includes COS (Collection of Style), which is reasonably expensive and limited with 82 stores worldwide. Furthermore, the COS has the following sub brands: Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday, & Other Stories, etc.(each is launched in 2013). .
             Every year H&M Corporation comes up with the newest ideas of possible expansion. One of the long-term investments, realized by the company in 2013, was in IT and online shopping spheres. The principal idea, standing behind this, is to provide better services for customers, preferring to buy clothes at online boutiques, as soon as nowadays online shopping is gaining bigger and bigger popularity. Recently it has been launched in US and later in France, forecasting quick expansion and skyrocketing profitability.
             III. Market Description.
             As it has already been mentioned above, H&M Company exists in 53 markets all over the world. In fact, now it is successful enough to enter even such market as Japanese one.

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