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Government Consumerism

            Private sector business is the most dominant force in the American economy. Even though citizens are entitled to operate business freely in this country, government regulation is needed. Since the conception of this country, the government has had a role in business. The United States Constitution gives regulatory power over some commerce. Mostly, businesses still enjoy considerable liberties but it is evident that the government's involvement has significantly increased over time. One of the government's main roles in business is to protect the consumer. When a company does not honor the guarantee of the product it sells, the consumer has remedy in the law (Greechie). It is also true that if a product incurs harm to the purchaser, they can take the manufacturer to court and that vendor will be held responsible (Greechie). The government also requires manufacturers to label their products. It is required that food products display nutritional contents on the packaging of the product (Greechie). Although the United States government has made strides in consumer rights since its inception, there are areas where the government oversteps its bounds and other areas that still need development for public protection. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own choices but when it comes to public health and safety, the government should have our back. .
             One area I strongly feel the government should step up regulations is child consumerism. There are mandates on video game ratings, song lyrics, movies and age appropriate toys. I feel this is just. From this point, adults must take responsibility by choosing befitting entertainment for their child. Where I feel the government falls short in protecting child consumers is advertising. As stated on globalissues.org, "Children are a captive audience: The average American child watches an estimate between 25,000 to 40,000 television commercials per year" (Shah).

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