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Obesity: What the Government Should Be Doing

            Obesity is an issue that is growing to be a bigger problem with each passing day. A matter that should be looked at is what the government is doing to help out and try to diminish the growing problem of obesity. The government has a big influence on what society does and if they put effort into helping out the cause of obesity than maybe people will change their ways. One way this can be done is if the government puts all of their muscle into education that is aimed at shifting our social norms and inform our society on their nutritional values. The government can also place food takes on less-healthy foods through a "sin" tax which would be similar to those already imposed on things such as alcohol, lottery tickets, and cigarettes. If physical education was something that was mandatory for our youth, there could be a positive outcome due to our youth being active and educated on the importance of taking part in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis. The government does inform the public minimal information on the risks and causes of obesity, however they should be more aggressive and more informative with the material at hand so that our society is more knowledgeable on the issue of obesity. .
             Higher prices on healthy choices at the grocery store is inconvenient and unappealing to consumers leading to them going with unhealthy choices. Something that the government could do is lower the price of healthy products because their higher prices are inconvenient and too expensive for consumers which is leading to them walking past them and going with unwholesome choices because of the lower and more convenient prices. The government could deal with this issue by implementing price incentives to counterbalance evasions of our innate eating controls with the "Cap-and-Trade system. This would allow the healthy foods to be set at good prices and in turn the bad foods would be set at higher prices.

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