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Examples of Political Deception

            Sun Tzu once said "Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril" this quote was written by him between the times of c.544 BC when he was born and c.496 BC when he died and till this day this quote holds true. The primary point of this quote was deception, reason being is you must fully know your opponents weaknesses, capabilities, desires, and thoughts; therefore, to not allow your enemy to use these things against you in turn you must guard your own motives to be victorious. Moving forward twenty-five hundred years war and the premise that it is based upon have not changed. For instance the Iraq war was based on various deceptions, our former 43rd President George W. Bush stated to the nation the reason we were invading Iraq was due to the possibility that Iraq might have and employ weapons of mass destruction other reasons included were human rights abuse and probably the second highest contributing factor was to employ democracy. .
             On October 11, 2002 it was decided that the United States had legal justification to invade Iraq and on March 20, 2003 the war in Iraq officially began. Where the deception comes in is from the starting of the war to the present time now in 2011 there have been no weapons of mass destruction located. In a secret meeting that took place on July 23, 2002 the British government and other entities had classified US policy documents that President Bush was looking to remove Saddam and his regime through military action and he was using terrorism and WMD's as the precipitating factor for a full scale offensive. It does not take a genius to see, but Bush's agenda was a combination of finishing what his father started and going into Iraq to control not to free the country from oppression. This brings me to democracy it was clearly stated that the United States wanted to aid in allowing Iraq to establish a democratic government; however, the United States would not allow them to have a leader or government who were Muslim Fundamentalist.

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