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Seattle Seahawks - Pre-Superbowl Thoughts

            Every year roughly 110 million people gather around their televisions to watch the most viewed event of the year, the Superbowl. This year numbers are projected to be record breaking for the 49th Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. It is going to be a battle between the young bucks and the seasoned veterans. Seattle has had very recent success in the past 3 years of playing and are coming off a Super Bowl win last year and hungry to be one of the few teams in history to repeat Super Bowl wins. With the undeniable force of the Legion of Boom, Fearless running back Marshawn Lynch, and commander Russell Wilson, the Seahawks young football team hope to eliminate the reign of future Hall of Fame Tom Brady and the mastermind Coach Bill Belichick who have been a powerhouse in the NFL for over 14 years. The stages are set for Super Bowl 49 and it is predicted to be one for the books. .
             Over the past 3 years the Seattle Seahawks have transformed into one of the most premier teams in the league. They have one of the most feared defenses that could go down in history if they are able to shut down the Patriots this Sunday in Super Bowl 49. Their deadly defense has earned them the nickname: The Legion of Boom. This name is well deserved as this is one of the hardest hitting defenses the NFL has ever seen. For the past 2 years the Seahawks have averaged fewest points allowed, yards allowed, takeaways and opponent passer rating. After prior success in last years Super Bowl where they held Peyton Manning and the NFL's highest scoring offense, the Denver Broncos, to 8 points and 306 total yards of offense. New England has an efficient passing attack with Tom Brady in the pocket and they are going to have to make plays on Sunday if they hope to shut him down and continue their dominance over some of the best offenses this league has ever seen.
             One of the greater aspects of the Seattle defense is their secondary.

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